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Somedays hurt all day

Somedays hurt all day


That’s what you must be feeling right now.   How long has it been since we last talked?   Well I’ve been busy.  What about you?  The Internet works both ways you know? 


Im doing double duty these days…Supreme law clerk some days, and bottom bitch at the District Attorney’s office on others.  It’s a real title…thats what the other DA’s told me, the ones who were out behind the office smoking, and not letting me play tether-ball, and taking my lunch money.

Bottom Bitch they said…and next week they said I get promoted to BAHL Lickuh.  Im new so I still dont know what these acronyms mean, but it sounds pretty important.


Time to Relish my Awesomeness

The Beginning of Time

The Beginning of Time

Dont be shocked by how professional this latest post looks.  Its the beginning…all over again.  My second year of law school.  Same shit different year.  I’ve felt guilty about leaving this blog high and dry and, now I’m back…wasting your time, and mine.

Did you miss me? 


As the countdown continues I am left with only two real study days before my Torts final on Tuesday.  The pressure is mounting and I am ignoring both friends and family.  I cant wait till finals is over…know why?  No?  Dont you pay attention?

Anyway I got a job.  A part-time job as a file clerk for a family law practice.  Aren’t you excited for me?  I applied to over 15 firms, and then went door to door at another 20 firms, and all my hard work was rewarded…I ran into someone in a elevator. 

There I am, standing in the lobby of yet another corporate high rise scanning the directory for any business that consisted of multiple last names.  “Peck & Paw”, “Bland, Grey, & Sparse LLP”, “Moxy, Crimefighter, and Associates.”  I hit every major business center in the area.  Handed out dozens of resumes, got turned away at multiple lobby’s…just so I could be in the right place at the right time.  In an elevator looking perplexed when a woman asks me “What Floor?” I hesitate and she senses I dont know what floor Im looking for, so she asks “Well who are you here to see?”  Quickly I shoot back with “Um…Um…”   OH No, I think to myself She’s going to think your some weirdo who likes to ride strange elevators.   Of course this entire time she’s been waiting for my reply and getting nothing but silence in return.   I can see the confusion and panic in her face as she begins to clutch what I assume is the mace in her purse, so for fear of getting maced I tell the truth….”I am a law student looking for a part-time position as a file clerk.”

Her face lights up and she says “I work in a law firm and I was just telling my boss I needed a file clerk part-time.  What a coincidence, follow me” 

One day, and one interview later…your looking at a new file clerk.

I’ve already been invited to the Christmas party


Dont you get the impression that little girl is going to want to have her face shield down when he finally shows her what blast off means…if not she might get little space men in her eye when he proceeds to launch…just a thought.