This is a little something for the other bloggers out there…I hate tags.  All kinds.  Tags in my tee shirts, tags attached to dead body’s, tags sticking up from the back of girls pants, and especially….Tags when I’m blogging.

Nothing kills spontaneous, witty, irrelevant writings more than having to add a bunch of tags to it as an attempt to attract traffic to your blog.  Why doesn’t this damn blog just make my text searchable?  Turn each complete sentence into a tag automatically.  I will concede that I fail pretty often to actually write complete sentences.  On the occasion that I do though….wouldn’t that be terrific. 

So from this day forward…no more tags.  If you find my blog…terrific.  If you don’t…keep looking.  Don’t stop looking until you find it. 

Remember if you don’t find it…it will find you!


Time to Get Creepy


PS….seriously no more tags, not even a tag of tag for a post about tags.